Five ways technology is changing retail in 2022

In this report we outline the key technology-based trends that will become more prevalent in the year ahead.

Cashierless stores in the UK

In this report, we review the cashierless stores in London, and give our view about what the industry should expect to see next.

Amazon brings ‘Just Walk Out’ to Whole Foods Market

Following plans announced by Amazon last year to launch its ‘Just Walk Out’technology in two Whole Foods Market stores, the first has opened in Washington, D.C. 

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On 24 January, Amazon opened an new format Amazon Fresh store in Croydon and on 26th January, it opened another new format Amazon Fresh store in Monument, London.

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For an event that’s often associated with showcasing new retail technologies, there was a different feel to this year’s NRF show in New York. The heavy lifting has been done, there’s no major breakthroughs on the horizon. Now it’s time for technologies such as AI, machine learning, computer vision and IoT to meet their promise and help retailers drive efficiencies and reimagine the customer exper...
The adoption of autonomous checkout technology is growing in our industry. We recently spoke with Jordan Fisher, CEO of Standard AI, a leading company in this field, to gain insight on how the technology and business model are evolving. Switch in focus to the experience The company has spent six years developing and launching its platform with early retailer partners and is now focusing on ...
Digital signage is becoming more prevalent in retail stores. We consider how this will continue evolving as an increasing number of touchpoints and marketing opportunities emerge, especially centred around retailers’ media programmes. Multiple digital touchpoints As retailers invest in creating more convenient experiences, a variety of digital touchpoints are being utilised in physical stor...
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Four forces of change

To survive and indeed thrive, businesses need to know and understand these four forces and assess the potential impacts and opportunities for their business, and then apply this thinking to their future plans and strategies.

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