Five ways technology is changing retail in 2022

In this report we outline the key technology-based trends that will become more prevalent in the year ahead.

Inside Aldi Shop&Go, London, UK

Aldi UK has opened its first cashierless store in London. Shoppers gain access to the store and pay through the Aldi Shop&Go app, and pick items with no scanning needed.

Amazon brings ‘Just Walk Out’ to Whole Foods Market

Following plans announced by Amazon last year to launch its ‘Just Walk Out’technology in two Whole Foods Market stores, the first has opened in Washington, D.C. 

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US-based Albertsons is partnering with Veeve Smart Carts to launch smart carts in around a dozen stores across the country. The retailer is aiming to develop a fast, contactless experience for its shoppers.

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As Shoptalk 2022, a leading event for the retail, tech and start-up communities, concludes, here’s my view on what’s changing in retail and how the industry takes this forward. Five big ideas There were a lot of themes and topics discussed across the conference sessions, on the expo floor and passing conversations in hallways, elevators and bars. But for me, five themes or ideas kept on com...
Instacart, the leading on-demand fulfilment and delivery company in North America, has consolidated existing and new services under a new Instacart platform. We look at what this means for the business and its retail customers as it transforms to be a retail enablement organisation. Built a leadership position in on-demand delivery This is the first major move from Fidji Simo, who joined th...
Circle K, Lawson and AmPm are bringing virtual experiences to its customers. We share the key highlights and our view on some of the benefits. Our view Metaverse provide brands a platform to learn and create moments of engagement, e.g. opportunities for promotions and games within this new space. Content and conversations with consumers will be quite different from social media. Businesses ...
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Four forces of change

To survive and indeed thrive, businesses need to know and understand these four forces and assess the potential impacts and opportunities for their business, and then apply this thinking to their future plans and strategies.

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