Retailers' strategies and business models are evolving. They are increasingly building alliances with each other, IT and tech companies and others to enable them to build skill and scale quickly. These collaborations are also helping them deal with challenges that require greater global cooperation or are too big to be dealt with as individual companies.

This deck explores why we believe that the physical store will need to become more agile and flexible in order to survive in both a rapidly changing world, as well as to accommodate extreme trading cycles.

In this presentation we look at 10 areas of retailers' business where they will look to limit costs and which may impact on how manufacturers work with them.

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Ocado has announced it will acquire two robotic companies based in the US, Kindred Systems and Haddington Dynamics.

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Following the launch of the first Walmart Health facility last year, Walmart has outlined plans to take the initiative to at least 22 locations by the end of next year. Targeting the Florida market The first Walmart Health facility opened in Dallas Georgia, followed by a further four locations in the state and one in Bentonville, Arkansas. This year, the retailer plans to open seven f...
Walmart is introducing a team-based operating model at its US Supercenters following a successful initiative at Sam’s Club over the last 12 months and its launch at its Neighborhood Market stores earlier this year. Building small teams The new model sees Walmart create small teams of associates who will be cross-trained and given ownership of all tasks within their area. This will include s...
Loblaw’s PC Financial division has launched a new banking account, three years after it closed its daily chequing, savings and lending banking services. Digital-first banking service The PC Money Account forms a central element of the retailer’s payments and rewards strategic pillar. It offers consumers a simple, no-fee bank account, combined with Loblaw’s PC Optimum loyalty programme. It h...

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To survive and indeed thrive, businesses need to know and understand these four forces and assess the potential impacts and opportunities for their business, and then apply this thinking to their future plans and strategies.

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