Insights is one of China’s fastest growing retailers that is also increasingly stretching its influence across Asia. We review its business operations and how it is using technology to revolutionise the shoppers path to purchase via its 7Fresh supermarket and world leading logistics capability.

Our new research examines how data and technology are transforming retail business models.

10 different ways food and consumer goods companies are selling their products online

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Amazon is set to sell its cashier-less technology, used in its Go stores, to other retailers, as reported by Reuters.

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Woolworths and Terracyle's Loop are working to bring on board both suppliers and customers to test the new solution in a trial that will kick off in June 2021. Woolworths exclusivity for first year Woolworths and Terracyle announced their new partnership last year, which will give the retailer exclusivity to Loop's reusable product packaging for its first year of operation in the market. To...
We visited the new Amazon Go Grocery format in Seattle, the retailer’s larger format store featuring its just walk-out technology which opened last week. Largest store to launch This new store format at 14,000 sq ft is significantly larger than the 24 Amazon Go stores which have opened to date. Most of these stores sit within the 1,000-2,000 sq ft range. This store adopts the fresh green an...
We look at how Walmart is developing alternative revenue streams, including a new membership programme, fulfillment services and its digital marketing platform. 1. Walmart+ Press reports indicate that Walmart is looking to develop a membership programme, Walmart+. This will be centred around its ecommerce pickup and delivery services, but also likely to feature other benefits for a monthly ...

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