Hear from CEO Simon Roberts and the team at this virtual event online about the progress they are making to put food back at the heart of Sainsbury’s and how the brands that deliver are supporting the company’s ambitions in food.

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As the UK prepares to leave the European Union, we update our five year forecasts for the grocery market, quantifying the opportunities available in each retail channel. Drawing on a combination of economic base data from official sources and retailer specific forecasts, we set out our growth expectations.
2019 sees Sainsbury’s celebrate its 150th year but also finds the UK’s second largest retailer consolidating its strategy after the prohibition of its proposed merger with Asda by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority. In this report we explore Sainsbury’s newly released full year 2018/19 results and look at how the business is responding to continuing rapid change in shopping habits and intensifying competitive pressures.
Sainsbury’s has opened its first till-free store at its Holborn Circus Local shop, opposite the Sainsbury’s head office.
In April 2019, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority blocked a proposed merger between the UK’s second and third largest retailers. In this report we look at how Sainsbury’s and Asda intended to combine their businesses and the benefits they envisaged for stakeholders.
Our selection of key insights from across Retail Analysis and ShopperVista from the last three months. This report includes the latest macroeconomic and shopper sentiment data, retailer results and market shares. We also highlight the latest channel and market trends, and new store formats.
‘Help me be healthy’ is one of the five trends we expect to shape and influence the global retail market in 2019 and beyond. In this report we explore the ways in which retailers and brands around the globe are inspiring shoppers to lead healthier lives.
We compare the festive strategies and trading performances of the UK’s leading grocers. Hear Nick presenting the results here.
We showcase in-store health and beauty developments from three leading UK retailers.
Get up to speed on what we see as the key influences and trends to watch out for in the year ahead, and see how retailers and food-to-go specialists alike are driving innovation to reach new customers, missions and locations.
We explore best-in-class retail execution in UK supermarket retailers this year.