Migros introducing dedicated Italian section

Date : 17 October 2019

Around 45 products will be offered in the 'Little Italy' range, merchandised together in a dedicated area.

Responding to consumer trends

Migros has enjoyed strong sales growth from specialist ranges, with regional ranges growing by 3.5% in 2018 and health focused ranges up 5.3%. The retailer is responding to consumer demand for these targeted ranges and is continuing to expand the number  of dedicated ranges in order to meet the needs of its shoppers. This also helps it to create a more unique proposition and stand out from its main competitor, Coop Schweiz.

Partnership with Italian company Atlante

In partnership with Atlante, Migros will offer a variety of products from 12 producers in Italy, representing the specialties of the country. Migros and Atlante first partnered with each other in 2011, agreeing to stock products from their respective countries in each others markets. The 'Little Italy' section will initially be offered in 87 Migros stores, with the potential to roll out to more stores in the future. Products will include balsamic vinegar from Modena, Kamut pasta from Lombardy and extra-virgin olive oil from Puglia and Umbria. The large range of specialist products will appeal to shoppers who are keen to expand their culinary horizons and who love to cook.

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