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North America retail outlook 2021: performance to date

We look at how the market has been performing and assess whether the trends we highlighted at the start of the year remain relevant in the USA and Canada. The report also details the sales performance of the leading retailers as they come up against last year's surge in demand.

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This in-depth guide to USA explores the key trends in grocery retail and the growth strategies of the leading retailers in the country.

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CVS Health plans to close 900 stores in the next three years as it looks to boost its online business and transform its stores into healthcare destinations.

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CVS Pharmacy has launched more than 150 new products under its private label brands in the grocery, beauty, and wellness categories. Listening to customers to meet their needs in new ways The US-based drugstore operator launched more than 150 products under its Gold Emblem and Gold Emblem Abound Food brands, Live Better by CVS and a newly launched men’s skincare and grooming brand, Goodlin...
CVS Health released positive first quarter results and announced plans for its Beauty Mark initiative, which is aimed at boosting positive self-image and beauty inclusivity. Subdued growth for Retail/LTC segment compared to other segments Total revenue across all segments increased by 3.5% to US$69.1 bn (Q1 2020: US$66.8 bn). Operating income and adjusted operating income increased by 3.4% ...
CVS Pharmacy is expanding its frozen food and healthy snack offering at selected stores in the US as it looks to drive footfall and encourage greater shopper frequency. 74% of adults said their meal and/or snacking habits have changed during the pandemic CVS is looking to make mealtimes ‘quick and simple’ by expanding its convenient meal range to include more frozen meals and healthy snacks...
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