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CP Group will reorganise and merge Makro and Lotus’s chain of stores to create a stronger entity for overseas expansion.

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Southeast Asia's convenience channel is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.1% from 2020 to 2022. Southeast Asia is a convenience hotspot It has the highest concentration of convenience sales relative to other regions. Its total convenience sales value in 2020 is US$36bn.   Source: IGD Research Convenience is growing in importance It will widen its lead over other physical chan...
The first 7-Eleven Cambodia store opened officially on 30 th August. Key representatives at opening ceremony Source: CP ALL The opening was officiated by Mr Chairote Thiwat Muncharoen, Senior Executive Vice President, International Unit, CP All Public Company Limited. A simple opening ceremony took place due to the current COVID-19 situation. Other guest include  Lokjum Tiaoto Pil...
The retailer is in the process of renaming its stores from Tesco to Lotus’s in Asia. Besides improving its operations and product mix, it has recently shared its plans to expand the chain in Thailand. Improving fresh food quality CP Group is leveraging the group’s strengths to improve the quality and selection of fresh food at Lotus’s. A lot of effort has been put into sourcing directly fro...
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