New Watsons Play Glam concept store in Hong Kong

Charles Chan
Senior Retail Analyst

Date : 10 March 2020

A.S. Watson has opened a Watsons Play Glam concept store at Tuen Mun Town Plaza, Hong Kong.

Digitising in-store and increasing shopper interaction

The grand opening of Watsons Play Glam was on 20th January. It operates approx. 418 sq m / 4,500 sq ft, carrying more than 15,000 products from 7,100 health and beauty brands. The store has various customer interactive experience zones, a strong range of famous beauty brands and technologies that increase shopper interaction to enrich the shopping experience.

The store also has a professional team consisting of pharmacists, dieticians, Chinese medicine practitioners, wellness coach, health advisor, beauty and skin consultants.

Modern and digital store design

  • Electronic display screen and LED wall

  • Various customer interactive experience zones, including 24/7 Tap & Shop self-service station, LED Runway and Meitukey skin analyzer in the makeup zone

First 24/7 Tap & Shop self-service station

  • The local first 24/7 Tap & Shop self-service station allows customers to purchase and order products with the digital screen anytime, and pick up products at selected stores

  • Tap & Shop offers more extensive product varieties

A.I. technology for comprehensive skin analysis

  • Meitukey skin anlalyzer uses A.I. technology to analyse and diagnose up to 12 skin conditions. It provides personalised advices and product recommendations for users and allows them to try and choose their favourite products

  • The skin tester is equipped with 3 colour-spectrum: standard white light, UV light and cross-polarised light, viewing the skin conditions in any angle. The image of the skin can also be enlarged to analyse and identify subtle flaws such as pores and capillaries etc.

  • Customers can also create a personal skin testing profile in the device, in order to monitor their skin conditions

Famous beauty brands at Makeup Zone

  • Watsons exclusively introduces famous beauty brands, such as Marionnaud Paris from France and Wet N Wild, American petit bourgeois brand

  • Popular brands such as SOFINA from Japan and Korean coloured contact lens brand, MIMA (endorsed by PARK Min-young), as well as a Japanese fragrance area, plus niche perfume brands

  • The Lip Bar has over 100 lipsticks, allowing shoppers to create diversified makeup styles

New concept store targets young generation

Samuel Lee, Managing Director of Watsons Hong Kong, said, “Watsons actively offer innovative and quality shopping experience to customers, the new concept store integrates retail with technology, aiming to bring excitement to the young generation and promote new digital retail trend.”

Dominic Lai, A.S. Watson’s Group Managing Director, said, “Watsons Hong Kong Play Glam concept store coincides with the Group’s 15,800th store opened worldwide.”

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