A.S. Watson and P&G launch plastic recycling programme

Date : 08 April 2021

Francis Ramos

Senior Retail Analyst

Watsons Hong Kong has launched a citywide plastic container recycling programme called ‘Plastic Reborn,’ in collaboration with Procter and Gamble.

Watsons’ store network across Hong Kong serve as collection points

Together with P&G, Watsons now uses its network of 230 stores across the city as collection points for empty plastic containers.  Hong Kong-based service The Loops will send these used containers of personal care products to a local recycling facility in Tuen Mun’s Eco Park, aiming to address Hong Kong’s rising waste disposal of single-use packaging.   By offering their stores as drop off centers, Watsons estimates collecting approximately 110,000 containers in the next 12 months, with the target increasing to 210,000 in 2023.

Customers can redeem new products in exchange for their used containers

With every used container brought to Watsons stores, customers can earn one Plastic Reborn eStamp.  And once they can collect 5 to 30 eStamps, they can redeem selected Procter and Gamble products from Watsons stores. 

Building public trust on the feasibility of plastic recycling

As it leverages on the established reputation of Watsons and Procter and Gamble, this program aims to rebuild trust among Hong Kong residents on the feasibility of plastic recycling.  In the past couple of years, most residents have been skeptical on whether their returned containers will really be brought back into the supply chain.  This is because of an investigation in 2020 that revealed that plastic bottles collected in recycling bins at residential estates have ended up in the landfills.  Managing director of Watsons Hong Kong, Samuel Lee, commented, With Watsons’ extensive recycling network, we would like to unite efforts from the public, business community and recycling companies in encouraging consumers to join Plastic Reborn.”  Founder of The Loops, Jorch Wang, added, “This is our first large scale recycling partnership covering the entire Hong Kong. We hope the partnership can help the city develop a sustainable and circular business solution.  We hold a firm belief that by extending our service to different districts, Plastic Reborn can take the lead to promote recycling in the easiest way to consumers’ everyday lives and to practice what is preached towards sustainable living and a circular economy.”


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