Rewe opens frictionless store with Trigo technology

Date : 07 May 2021

Keshia Beadle

Senior Retail Analyst

Rewe has opened a ‘grab-and-go’-focused store in Cologne, which uses technology from Israel-based computer vision company Trigo.

Store to open initially to Rewe staff and loyalty cardholders

Rewe and Trigo said the store, which is on Zeppelinstraße, close to Cologne’s Neumarkt, will only be open to the retailer’s employees and loyalty cardholders. The companies are planning for the store to be opened to everyone in the summer. The technology will enable shoppers to choose their products, which will be added to a virtual shopping list, and they will be then free to leave without having to queue at the checkout or to scan any items. Rewe stressed that a standard checkout will also be available, to meet the needs of those shoppers who prefer them.

Technology meets stringent data protection laws

Rewe and Trigo stressed how the store’s technology systems meet Germany’s data protection laws and legislation to protect workers’ rights. Trigo said its solution ‘does not use facial recognition, nor does it capture biometric data or hold any direct identifiers of customers’, instead recognising shoppers’ movement while they are in the store.

Autonomous stores a growing, global trend

Since the start of the pandemic, shoppers have preferred to buy closer to their home. Autonomous stores’ compact size is enabling businesses to open units that are closer, making them a convenient and safer option. As more retailers adopt Trigo’s, and other technology provider’s, solutions, so they are becoming more affordable for other retailers to adopt too. Given the technology’s on-going roll out, it is likely that more unstaffed and autonomous stores will be opened.

Looking for more insight on unstaffed stores?

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