Asda launches first sustainability report

Date : 10 May 2021

Lucy Bellotti

Retail Analyst

Asda has published its first Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report. In it the retailer highlights how it plans to make it easier and affordable for shoppers to lead more sustainable lives. In preparation for the report, Asda communicated with over 3,000 customers to understand which ESG issues matter most to them.

Three priorities stand out for Asda shoppers

Asda’s research showed the top three priorities for its shoppers were:

  • Affordable greener choices
  • Reducing single-use plastic
  • Reducing food waste

Roger Burnley, Asda’s CEO and President said, ‘despite the challenges of the pandemic, we have not lost sight of our wider ESG responsibilities and this report provides an update of where Asda is now on the issues that matter most to our colleagues, customers and communities and importantly where we want to be in the future.’


Source: Asda

Source: Asda

Asda’s Creating Change for Better (CCFB) pillars

Asda set out four pillars on which its focus would be built and target: better planet, better communities, better lives, and better business.

Better Planet aims to cut carbon emissions and reduce food waste. The pillar demonstrates the retailer’s commitment to protecting biodiversity through sustainable sourcing and creating greener, more affordable products.

Better Communities key focus is supporting local communities across the UK. The retailer partnered with charities to tackle poverty, breast cancer, and children in need.

Better Lives is committed to make healthier and easier choices by making nutritious food affordable and appealing, with national campaigns and innovation in its private label products.

Better Business aims to support the retailer to become the ‘UK’s most trusted retailer’. Helping employees feel safe and respected in inclusive workplaces and upholding high standards of honest ethical conduct.

Asda’s key sustainability goals

The retailer outlined key targets it is aiming to achieve:

  • Creating affordable sustainable shopping through the ‘Greener at Asda Price’ promise
  • Becoming a net zero carbon business by 2040
  • Removing three billion pieces of plastic from its products by 2025
  • Sustainably sourcing the top 20 commodities (such as cotton and cocoa) by 2025
  • Cutting food waste by 20% by 2025 as part of the Courtauld commitment
  • Delivering 120m meals by the end of 2021 through its Fight Hunger programme
  • Expanding the proportion of its own brand products that are low in fat, sugar and salt, to 60% by 2024

Report builds on recent and growing focus on sustainability

In the last year Asda has increased its focus on sustainability. The launch of its test and learn store in Middleton, Leeds, included several ideas to help shoppers reduce and reuse packaging. The ambitious store was part of a broader push to champion green issues for the mass market consumer. With the publication of the ESG report Asda is spotlighting the further steps it is aiming to take to help shoppers live more sustainably.


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