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The South Korean ecommerce company disclosed this week it is ready to start operations in Singapore. As a first step, it has completed the hiring of senior executives in the country.

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South Korean grocery retailer Homeplus has appointed its new chief marketing officer in an executive reshuffle announced on Thursday. Appointed former CEO of McDonald’s Korea as its new CMO Homeplus has appointed former CEO of McDonald’s Korea Cho Ju-yeon as its new chief marketing officer. She was the first female CEO at the South Korean unit of the fast food restaurant. Source:...
The South Korean retailer has created the unit by merging its two existing retail arms – the old GS Retail and GS Home Shopping. The new retail business unit consists of four sub-units The new GS Retail, officially launches on Thursday 1 July 2021, consists of four sub-units: GS25 (convenience stores) GS Supermarket (supermarket format) Online platforms, and Home shopping bus...
The South Korea convenience operator announced that it has launched a delivery service using an artificial intelligence-based robot at a second location in Seoul. Increased efficiency and commercial gain The second AI-powered robot has been launched at GS25's GS Tower branch in Yeoksam-dong in the Gangnam area. The company first unveiled the service last year. The robots can carry up to 15 ...


In the final of a three-part series, we deep-dive on the strategic priorities of Magnit, Carrefour, Tesco, Lotte and Auchan.
Our new forecasts show that Asia will account for 58% of additional grocery sales generated between 2020-22. However, the impact of COVID-19 and its legacy will impact markets differently across the region. This report will help you understand Asia's growing importance in the global context and which grocery markets will provide your business with the most exciting growth prospects towards 2022.
This report discusses the past, present and future of the convenience channel in South Korea, which has the highest convenience store density in the world with one store per 1,000 people.
In the second of a three-part series, we provide recommendations on how to design for the convenience channel, with case studies on growth categories, strategic partnerships and price differential.

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This guide to South Korea explores the key trends in grocery retail, the outlook for the country’s differing channels to 2022 and the growth strategies of its leading retailers.

South Korea by Numbers 2020 – 2022

Two year growth forecasts for the grocery market, the leading retailers and modern trade grocery channels in South Korea.

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