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Carrefour Poland has reintroduced its ‘Crazy 5’ pricing promotion and launched a new health app for children.

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We look at recent news from Auchan, Jerónimo Martins-owned Biedronka and Carrefour and their operations in Poland.

Auchan appoints new president

Auchan Poland has announced the appointment of Gerard Gallet as its new president. Gallet will replace former chairman and president, Francois Colombié, who retired on 1 September 2018.

Auchan Poland’s board has also changed and will include:

  • Isabelle Bouvier – Director of Finance and Assets of Auchan Retail International
  • Isabelle Colrat – Director of Economic Efficiency
  • Joanna de Haas van Dorsser – Director of Finance and Assets
  • Pascale Fillat – Human Resources Director
  • Stéphane Bucaille – Audit Director of Auchan Retail International

Carrefour extends scan and go service

Carrefour Poland introduced scan and go in five stores in Warsaw in 2017. The retailer will now roll it out to over 30 new stores across 28 cities, including Bialystok, Kraków and Lublin, among others.

Grzegorz Wazowicz, Carrefour Polska’s financial services and sales director, explained the service “will allow our clients to do even faster, more convenient, and more satisfying shopping in our stores". Carrefour Poland hopes to extend the service to all its hypermarkets and supermarkets.

Biedronka acquires new stores

Jerónimo Martins-owned Biedronka is expanding its presence after purchasing five Piotr i Pawel stores. The acquisition follows Piotr i Pawel’s recent store closures in Q1 2018. The acquired stores – in Kalisz, Poznan, Tychy and Wroclaw – have been renovated to the Biedronka banner. The value of the transaction remains undisclosed.

Leclerc Poland announces plans to open more service station stores around the country. Carrefour Poland rolls out plans to increase proximity formats.

Leclerc’s service station stores

Leclerc Poland has announced plans to open small format stores at petrol stations near its shopping centres. The first store of its kind is already operating in Lódz. However, no new locations or launch dates have been confirmed.

The 300 sq m Lódz store has shown that investing in more service station stores would be profitable. Such stores enable drivers to purchase necessity and impulse products as they fill up their cars. The expansion could help Leclerc increase sales even with trade restrictions on Sundays.

Carrefour’s proximity formats

According to Marek Lipka, Carrefour Poland’s director of supermarkets, proximity formats will be its future growth formats. The retailer, therefore, hopes to open two supermarkets and 100 convenience stores by the end of 2018.

Carrefour Poland has also designed a new franchise store layout for fuel operators. The retailer has partnered with Polish fuel supplier Wasbruk and opened 11 stores using the new layout. The stores are based on the Orange Carrefour Express convenience stores and offer between 400 to 800 products.

Leclerc Poland reveals a series of plans to promote a healthier and more environmentally sustainable way of living.

Withdrawal of plastic from stores

Leclerc has committed to removing all plastic products sold under its own brand by 2020. This includes plastic products such as straws, cutlery, plates and mugs. The decision has been made to reaffirm the company's strategy to protect the environment.

Expanding bio and health range

The chain plans to expand its private label bio, gluten-free and plant-based range. Leclerc will double the assortment in these categories by 2020 and strengthen partnerships with health food producers. Leclerc said its research showed shoppers in Poland are increasingly looking towards healthier products without artificial additives. Leclerc has decided to respond to these needs by expanding its health range.

Leclerc will increase its organic products from the Bio Village own brand from 130 to 250, plant-based products from 21 to 50 and gluten-free products from 14 to 40. The number of ecological cleaners from the Uni Vert brand will also rise from 30 to 150.

Potential new health food store

Leclerc has also expressed interest in launching a health food store. No date or location has been confirmed. However, Leclerc’s plans to expand its bio and health range suggest an independent health store is not far from reach.

An independent store would also require new processes to ensure the delivery and quality of products. Such processes could incur high costs which may not be matched by demand.

Leclerc France will test its own independent health store in 2019. This could provide Leclerc Poland with further insight into the potential opportunities and challenges that operating a standalone health-focused chain could generate.


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