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Having previously announced it has temporarily stopped shipping non-essentials in Italy and France, Amazon has now rolled this out to India. The retailer will now focus on shipping the products customers need the most.  

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As authorities are encouraging people to stay at home, the demand for grocery home delivery is rising sharply. Growing online opportunities Since the beginning of the epidemic, online grocery retailers have seen a strong growth in their business: Big Basket: traffic and revenue doubled in less than two weeks. The average basket size increased by 20%. Many new users are placing ord...
Metro Cash & Carry will add 5 new stores in India this year. Partnerships with “kirana” stores The retailer will build partnerships with small family-owned stores known as "kirana" stores in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Delhi. It will provide point-of-sale devices to owners to help them track daily sales, profits and order items from Metro online. The devices also allow the stores to trade usin...
Walmart has updated its forward-looking strategy. Here are 10 key facts to consider as you build your trading plans with the retailer. 1. Staying the course despite holiday sales miss The business remains confident in the long-term strategy and delivering growth despite the miss during the holidays. It was an isolated issue in toys, gaming and clothing. Activities are underway to fix this. ...


We summarise learnings that can be taken from how retailers, suppliers and shoppers in Asia have responded to some of the challenges raised by Coronavirus (COVID 19).
This guide to India explores the key trends in grocery retail, the outlook for the country’s differing channels over the five year forecast period and the growth strategies of its leading retailers.
Get up to speed on all of the latest retailer results, the insight into what is driving growth and IGD's five big trends to watch in Asia in 2020.
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This in-depth guide to India explores the key trends in grocery retail and the growth strategies of the leading retailers in the country.

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