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7-Eleven has opened its first unstaffed store concept, called 7-Eleven Go, at Copenhagen Airport.
Your essential guide to trading with Europe’s largest grocery retailers.
This Veganuary, over 600,000 people pledged to switch to a plant-based lifestyle just two weeks into the month-long campaign.
Five trends that will shape the discount channel globally this year including some considerations and implications for suppliers and retailers.
Foodservice company Dagrofa has partnered with JunkFood to provide meals for the homeless in Copenhagen. JunkFood, started by Rasmus Munk a Danish chef and co-owner of two-star Michelin restaurant Alchemist, was established during the first COVID-19 lockdown to provide meals for vulnerable people.
10 examples of sustainability-focused innovations changing the food and grocery industry during the forth quarter of 2021.
We review 2021 to highlight some of Aldi and Lidl's major developments and how they are transforming their models.
An in-depth review of the retailer's current and future performance, including an update on its strategic priorities and what this means for suppliers.
After a period of comparative inactivity, loyalty programmes are coming back into focus as retailers look to collect data to support long-term growth.
Explore Lidl’s sustainability strategy and how the discounter has implemented its strategy across the 29 countries it operates within. We focus on how Lidl is championing its sustainability strategy, providing examples of key regions where it is excelling.