City guides

IGD visits retail hot spots around the world. Use our city guides to see innovative food retail formats around the globe, and to make the most of your trips to these markets


Ho Chi Minh is seeing explosive growth in modern grocery retailing, we pick our top 12 stores to see if visiting the city.
Our pick of the best stores in Singapore, showcasing the latest technologies and unique concepts that enhance the shopper experience.
In this latest update to the London city guide we share our pick of new must-see stores from the likes of Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Boots and M&S amongst others. These span convenience and large format stores, to premium foods and inspiration beyond grocery.
Seoul is a city full of innovative and exciting retail concepts - check out our top 17 grocery stores to see in the South Korean capital.
Tokyo is home to some of Asia's largest retailers, we pull out 12 of the best stores to see if you are visiting this vibrant city.
With several new concepts launching this year, New York continues to be one of the leading global cities to see innovation in action. We’ve selected the top stores to visit in Manhattan, including the latest grocery formats, food halls, health and beauty stores and must-see non-food flagships.
Bangkok is a hotspot for the latest retail trends in Thailand, check out our top 10 grocery stores to visit.
Beijing has the world's highest concentration of billionaires, plus some fantastic grocery stores, we pick our must see stores if visiting China's capital city.
In our latest Manchester guide we share our pick of must-see stores in Manchester, highlighting retailers' initiatives in fresh, food-to-go and sustainability, as well as inspiration beyond grocery. See stores from the likes of Co-op, Simply Fresh, Morrisons, Amazon and Lush, amongst others.
Our latest Dublin guide helps you understand the latest innovation in retail/food-to-go fusion in the market, and where to see it in action