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Australia is blessed with a strong economy and the latest results from the top two leaders, Woolworths and Coles , confirm shoppers’ spending ability. I visited Australia to see stores for the first time this year and got to all the latest flagship stores in Sydney and Melbourne. Which are the best stores in Australia?  Here are six stores that I recommend, with links to full reports and vi...
Woolworths’ Group sales is up 5.7% to AUD64,294m and EBIT up 15.8% to AUD3,116m in FY23 for the period ended 25 June 2023. The stellar profit delivery is due to a more stable environment, higher sales and benefits of ongoing investments. According to CEO Brad Banducci, excluding direct COVID costs incurred in the prior year, Group EBIT increased by 3.4%. 1. Australian Food sales increased by 5...
Coles’ has achieved sales revenue growth of 5.9% to AUD40,483m and EBIT up by 3.8% to AU$3,382m for FY 2023 ending 25 June 2023. The retailer has completed its fourth year of its transformation strategy and has delivered AUD1bn in cumulative benefits as planned. 1. Supermarkets revenue grew 6.1% with LFL sales up 5.8% Sales revenue reached AUD36,746m in FY23, with the second half stronger t...


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A guide to Australia’s grocery market and how we expect the country, its leading retailers and channels to evolve over the next five years.

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Australasia retail trends 2023

We highlight five trends set to shape the food and consumer goods retail market across Australasia in 2023.