Woolworths responds to online spike

Nick Miles
Head of Insight - Asia Pacific

Date : 02 July 2020

Woolworths has responded by rolling out increased online capacity in the state of Victoria, after a spike in demand of 40% over the past week.

Thousands of new online slots for Victoria

The surge in demand followed the news that Coronavirus cases in Victoria continued to grow. In response, Woolworths said that it was rolling out dozens of new delivery vehicles and making thousands of more slots available. Woolworths froze its online grocery service at the start of the pandemic, before bringing it back online. However, it appears that the retailer has learnt to deal better with the new spike in demand, with capacity to increase delivery slots, pick up options, as well as its Priority Assistance service for the elderly or people with a disability.

New partnerships make turning on demand easier

Woolworths new partnerships with third party delivery companies Yello, Sherpa and Uber Eats will also give the retailer more agility to turn on demand when required. Adding to the 200 delivery vehicles it has in operation in Victoria already. Woolworths director of e-commerce Annette Karantoni , commented, "Together with our on-demand courier partners, we can fulfil thousands of extra orders each week to help support the essential grocery needs of more Victorian customers online, While we have healthy stock levels to draw on, we’ve taken the precautionary step of reinstating online purchase limits on select categories to ensure our customers have fair access to key essentials."