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For 2021 and beyond, we summarise the key trends for the online channel. We're moving into ecommerce 2.0, as businesses shift their focus to online profitability and integrating online and offline.
2020 has been a meteoric year for Snappy Shopper. In this deck we profile this fast-growing proprietary platform that's helping to fuel the rapid rise of online ordering and delivery in the UK's independent convenience retailing sector.
We consider the five key trends set to shape grocery retail in Western Europe in 2021. We're seeing retailers double down on their drive for value, while digitalisation continues to make the customer experience more convenient and efficient. Ecommerce has accelerated, with online no longer being a small part of many businesses. Meanwhile, retailers are innovating with formats and ranges to stay relevant in a changing world, while sustainability remains at the heart of retailer strategies.
Within this report we highlight five key trends that we expect to shape the global retail market over the next 12 months and beyond. Each trend is brought to life by using case studies that progressive retailers have already implemented, and we use these examples along with our in-depth retailer, regional and shopper knowledge to predict what we think will be key strategic priorities for retailers in 2021.
Online grocery is the fastest growing channel in Singapore, sales grew 62% in Singapore in 2020 and make up 6.5% of the market.
In the first, of a four-part series, we estimate the P&L for retailers using in-store picking for click and collect and home delivery.
In the second, of a four-part series, we estimate the P&L for retailers using last milers and third parties.
In the third, of a four-part series, we estimate the P&L for retailers using micro and automated fulfilment centres.
In the final, of a four-part series, we summarise the opportunities for retailers and manufacturers.
15/10/2020 and Rakuten continue to test drone deliveries in Japan, building on the agreement the two businesses signed (in February 2019) on last mile logistics.