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WWe share our new shopper research exploring how shoppers celebrated Christmas 2022. Find out how the cost-of-living challenges impacted what shoppers did, where they shopped and explore what this could mean for future events in 2023.
This webinar will showcase the breadth and depth of IGD’s new market and channel forecasts, with a brand-new five-year view on how grocery retail will evolve around the world.
This webinar will provide you with an overview of the European grocery landscape, highlighting the region’s leading retailers and how IGD expects them to grow and evolve over the next five years.
This session will use the UK channel forecasts as its foundation to look to 2027, where you can discover how IGD sees grocery retailing in the UK developing and why. This includes a deeper dive into expected performance of key grocery channels.
This session will discover how to use insight to win in Europe as our analysts share the latest research from our globally renowned trends, stores and forecast reports.
This session will examine how supermarkets will evolve in Australasia over the coming years.
This session digs into the trends and innovations shaping grocery ecommerce channels in North America and Latin America.
Discover how we predict grocery retailing in Asia will develop over the next five years. Where growth will come from and what the landscape will look like post-pandemic?
Discover how we predict grocery retailing in Europe will develop over the next five years. What does this mean in the short term and what is likely to stick and impact on long term trends?
Discover how we predict grocery retailing in the UK will develop as the country emerges from lockdown and over the next five years. What does this mean in the short term and what is likely to stick and impact on long term trends?
With online grocery set to drive over 50% of market growth over the next two years, better understand how retailers and suppliers can make the channel more profitable, as well as hear how the channel will evolve in the future.
In an exclusive interview with IGD, Guo Xulin, Chief of Staff of Alibaba’s Freshippo Business Group, highlights the aspects that distinguish the New Retail, which Freshippo represents, from old retail.
Alexander Kremer, a director in JD.com’s Omnichannel Supermarket Group, shares his view on impact of COVID-19 on the business, how JD.com has established omnichannel offerings to meet shopper needs and ways that Western brands can adopt to enter China
Hear about prospects for growth in key channels, including online and discount, along with our view of how the store of the future will evolve in response to the pandemic-driven changes we are seeing in-store.
This webinar will focus on the growth drivers in Europe, how channels are being affected and how COVID-19 has impacted the food and grocery industries. The team will share new data on how post COVID-19, grocery retail channels are forecast to perform to 2022.
Watch this video to hear the latest on what the UK’s exit from the EU could mean for the food and consumer goods industry.
This webinar will focus IGD’s new channel forecasts for Asia, the impact of COVID-19, as well as an update on the trends influencing retail strategy in the region in 2020 and beyond.
We highlight five changes for online retailers this year.
Grow your online share of sales by following our five top tips.
Watch our IGD team present the latest UK food-to-go forecast predictions plus innovation and insights from the dynamic North American and Asian markets.
This webinar will focus on IGD’s latest market forecasts from our most anticipated insight report of the year: UK Channel Opportunities 2020-2022
In this video, we join two of IGD’s experts to explore IGD’s five hypotheses of how sustainability could evolve, examining and suggesting implications for now and in the longer term.
We highlight five ways European pure play retailers are driving growth, with examples from key retailers in Europe, and implications for you to consider.
We highlight the impact of COVID-19 on our five key global convenience trends, with examples from around the world and implications for you to consider.
In an exclusive interview Co-op's Commercial Director, Matt Hood shares how Co-op have reacted to the challenges of COVID-19 and where he sees the opportunities for suppliers to help plan for the future.
Hear directly from IGD analysts as they explain the thinking behind the channel shifts in our newly released forecasts for 2020.
In an exclusive interview IGD spoke with Sainsbury’s Commercial Director Paul Mills-Hicks
In this webcast, you’ll hear how the growth channels, online and discount, will be impacted by Coronavirus (COVID-19).
Exclusive interview: In this 8 minute webcast you’ll hear directly from James Bate, Director in the Consumables department of Amazon UK.
We look to the future and how retail will look post-Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the second part of our ‘How Coronavirus (COVID-19) will change grocery retailing’ webcast.
In our third Coronavirus (COVID-19) webcast we explore how the pandemic has impacted retail across Asia and five key learnings we can take from the region.
In the second of a weekly webcast series IGD analysts look to the future and how retail will look post-Coronavirus (COVID-19).
Rhian and Michael share a round-up of the latest insights into the attitudes and behaviours of shoppers and launch our Shopper Confidence Index.
In this webcast you will hear our experts share insights into the top global trends within retail.