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The fallout from COVID-19: what has shifted in global retail and what will be the pandemic’s legacies?

Over a year since most of the world started to experience the initial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, a clearer picture has emerged of how global retail will be changed over the medium term. In this report we outline how the retail industry will continue to adapt in 2021 and 2022 and place some markers in the ground on COVID-19’s retail legacies.

Post-COVID-19: where next for urban and suburban retail?

In this report we present three scenarios for the future of urban retail. We consider what each could mean for operators and what retail could look like in both urban and suburban areas. 

How consumer packaged goods companies will win in 2021 part one

Following a year of unprecedented change in the operating environment, this two-part report looks at the priorities of global consumer packaged companies and the capabilities they are developing as they focus on driving top line growth, operating more efficiently and reinvesting in their businesses.

How COVID-19 changed global food retail markets

Most global food retail markets experienced accelerated growth during 2020 as consumer spending on food shifted from out-of-home to at-home. In this report we look at the impact on growth across major markets in 2020 and the prospects through to 2022.

The food-to-go store of the future (updated)

Major foodservice operators are starting to roll-out new store concepts, developed for the post-pandemic era. We look at 10 formats and the key themes linking them together.

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Operational labour and HGV driver shortages continue to disrupt food supply chains.

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The increase in COVID and stringent control measures are causing China's grocery market to recover at a slower pace. China’s grocery market: challenges ahead We are seeing strong growth of sales in China’s grocery market at the start of this year. However, the growing outbreaks of COVID and recent cities lockdowns are expected to weaken consumption. Control measures are tightening in some k...
Availability issues Operational labour and HGV driver shortages continue to disrupt food supply chains. Although there are some regional variations, absence rates within the food and consumer goods industry due to the Omicron variant are declining . Food and consumer goods businesses have been hit hard by recruitment and retention challenges. This is resulting in lower order fulfilment lev...
We look at Loblaw’s fourth quarter and full year performance, including the growth of ecommerce, the flight to value and its new sustainability commitment. Q4 and full year key numbers Fourth quarter total revenue increased by 2.8% to $12.8 bn, with retail segment sales up 2.6% to $12.5 bn Food retail same-store sales growth of 1.1% Drug retail same-store sales up 7.9%, with pharma...

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