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Ocado Retail announced a decrease in revenue of (8)% to £1.1bn in its first half, 26 weeks to 29 May 2022.

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Ocado Retail has announced Melanie Smith CBE will leave the business in August after three years as Chief Executive. Instrumental in the formation of the joint venture Smith will leave Ocado Retail on 31 st August 2022. She was instrumental in forming Ocado’s 50-50 joint venture with M&S and has led it since it launched in 2019. Prior to this, Smith held the position of group strategy dire...
The latest release from Kantar, based on data from its 30,000-strong shopper panel, indicates, in the 12-weeks to 10 July 2022, total till roll consumer spend in Great Britain rose, very slightly, by 0.1% versus 2021. The market’s growth in the 12-week period saw it return to positive territory for the first time since April 2021. Inflation reaches second highest level ever recorded by Kantar ...
We look at Sobeys’ fourth quarter performance and consider what’s next for the business as it moves into the final year of Project Horizon, its three-year, growth-focused plan. Q4 and FY key numbers Total sales increased 13.3% to $7,841m, underpinned by the acquisition of Longo’s and an extra trading week (53-week calendar) Q4 same-store sales (ex-fuel) decreased by 2.5%, reflecting e...
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