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The German wholesaler has reported an 11.8% increase in sales in Q4, and sees sales growth of 20.4% to €29.8 bn for the 2021/22 financial year.

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Metro Group’s sales rose by 27.2% in local currency, reaching €7.9 bn in Q3 2021/22. The result has been attributed to growing inflation and its strong performance in the HoReCa industry. Sales growth across all channels Metro reported positive developments in all channels in Q3 2021/22, driven primarily by HoReCa: store-based sales grew to €6.1 billion (+18.7%) delivery sales incr...
Metro Group’s sales rose 19.4% in local currency terms and by 20.0% in total, reaching €7.6 bn. The company reported its revenue in the Q1 2021/22 period exceeded its pre-pandemic levels ‘ despite ongoing restrictions ’. Metro, though, noted the challenges it faced during Q1 2020/21, when total sales contracted by 16% due to Covid restrictions in many of its key markets. Growth was driven by a...
Metro Group has achieved sales at the upper end of the guidance range forecasted. Strong performance in the second half of the year drove this and sales for 2021/22 are forecast to grow by 3-7%. Almost €25bn in annual sales For the 2020/21 financial year, Metro Group achieved stable sales in local currency, meaning sales remained the same as the previous year. However, due to negative curre...
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