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Axfood had a 29.3% growth in its first half of 2022 with net sales of SEK 35.1bn. Adjusted operating profits were SEK 1.5bn which was a 20.8% increase with an operating margin of 4.2%. The retailer saw an increase of 32.8% in the second quarter with a turnover of SEK 18.4mn. Adjusted operating profits amounted to SEK 828mn with an increase of 25.3% and an operating margin of 4.5%. Acquisition ...
As the channel continues to benefit from growing shopper interest, we look at developments in Sweden, France and the Netherlands. Axfood partners with online grocery retailer In Sweden, Axfood has partnered with online grocery retailer Mathem as the two parties look to create further synergies and build economies of scale. The strategic partnership will help the two develop their online off...
With private label share of sales rising across much of Western Europe, we’ve published a series of three brand new reports for IGD Retail Analysis subscribers: Private label in Europe Private label trends in Western Europe 10 retailers winning in private label in Western Europe Here are some of the key highlights: 1. France, Portugal and Spain are am...
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