Amazon: SWOT


Range Amazon aims to provide 'Earth's Biggest Selection' online
Fulfillment Amazon offers fast, reliable, convenient fulfilment
Innovation The Amazon culture is one of constant innovation and speed to market
Low overheads Amazon has lower overheads than its competitors, due to a lack of physical stores

data usage

Amazon uses data sophisticatedly for site personalisation and initiatives such as anticipatory shipping
Amazon Web Services   Amazon Web Services (AWS) division is hugely profitable with fast-growing sales
Prime Drives shopper loyalty



US focus Amazon's innovations are US focused, with other markets having to wait for newer products and services
Physical stores Amazon has a lack of physical stores



Channel roll out Rolling out its 'channels', such as Prime Now, globally
New market growth International growth within its newer markets: India, Brazil, Spain, Italy
New market entries Potential new market entries

New category development

Developing new categories: fashion, household, pharmacy

Physical presence

Further initiatives and/or partnerships to build a physical presence

Amazon Alexa

Incorporating its voice technology into more devices to reach more shoppers


To develop its grocery credentials and use the physical stores as mini fulfilment centres

Amazon Business

Offering incremental volume that utilises the existing logistics network


Price matching Price matching by bricks and mortar competitors
Omnichannel strategies Omnichannel strategies of traditional retailers
Global competitors Global competitors such as Alibaba and Walmart


As Amazon gets bigger it may become less agile


Potentially Amazon may have to separate its Amazon Web Services business to restrict its scale
Counterfeits There is the risk with a Marketplace of model of third parties selling counterfeit products that could damage the brand