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Learn how you can use social platforms to generate online sales.
Truman’s has created four non-toxic household cleaning products that are delivered to users’ homes in patented refill cartridges.
In this round-up we share our key highlights and trends that impressed us over the last few months in the course of our store visits. Within this report we present examples from retailers in a number of markets including Sainsbury's, Aldi, Lidl, Kroger and many more.
Walmart is partnering with Google to offer voice ordering capabilities for its online grocery shoppers.
New York City-based Caper has developed a customised shopping trolley (cart) that scans products as shoppers put them in the trolley, so shoppers don’t have to waste time at a checkout.
‘Help me be healthy’ is one of the five trends we expect to shape and influence the global retail market in 2019 and beyond. In this report we explore the ways in which retailers and brands around the globe are inspiring shoppers to lead healthier lives.
Using IGD's 'Global retail trends 2019' as a framework, we explore how private label and brands are evolving and consider the implications of this.
FedEx has launched an autonomous delivery service, the FedEx SameDay Bot. FedEx is collaborating with companies such as Lowe’s, Pizza Hut, Target, Walgreens and Walmart to help assess retailers’ autonomous delivery needs.
Robot technology has made significant advances in terms of functionality and affordability, plus artificial intelligence is allowing machines to communicate more effectively with human beings. This has resulted in a number of retailers trialling in-store robots to improve efficiencies and free staff up to do more valuable roles. In this report we showcase 15 examples from around the world of how robots are being deployed in-stores.
Kellogg’s, Accenture, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, have collaborated to develop and pilot a solution that embeds eye tracking technology in a mobile virtual reality (VR) headset to reinvent how brands and retailers gather critical consumer data and perform market research.
Amazon has launched an online platform, Amazon Live, that allows sellers to live-stream videos showcasing their products.
Walmart’s Store No. 8 incubator has announced the launch of its second portfolio company, Spatial&. It will focus on the opportunities to create virtual reality commerce (V-commerce) experiences.
BevMo!, a specialty beverage retailer, has partnered with The Mars Agency to test a breakthrough, voice-activated, SmartAisle in-store shopper platform.
In spring 2019, Ahold Delhaize-owned Stop & Shop will introduce autonomous grocery delivery to Boston, Massachusetts.
We look in detail at health & wellness trend to identify the key strategies being adopted right now, look at the focus on plant-based menus, nutritional signposting, freshness and superfoods.
In this report we explore Valentine's retail execution across different channels and countries, identifying common trends for 2019.
Amazon is piloting its own delivery robot with Amazon Scout. The devices will deliver packages to customers in a neighbourhood in Snohomish County, Washington.
A coalition of the largest consumer packaged goods companies, along with recycling organisation TerraCycle, has unveiled a global, first-of-its-kind, shopping system called Loop.
We explore must-see beauty stores in Paris, New York City and Seoul.
Nearly 500 robots will be coming to the stores of Ahold Delhaize USA brands Stop & Shop, Giant Food Stores and Martin’s, marking one of the largest deployments of robotics innovation in the U.S. grocery industry.
The University of the Pacific community can now order food and drinks between 09:00 – 17:00 via an autonomous robot. Users order through the SnackBot App to get goods delivered to more than 50 designated areas across the 175-acre campus.
P&G Ventures, the start-up studio within Procter & Gamble, unveiled Opté™ Precision Skincare System (Opté) at CES 2019.
We recently visited the CES Show in Las Vegas to discover the key themes shaping the technology landscape and what they mean for retail.
Walmart is partnering with Udelv to test its autonomous delivery vans in Surprise, Arizona.
eDOR is a system designed to solve residential and commercial delivery and pick-up issues, by connecting all parties to make it simple, easy and secure.