Pre-set reports hints & tips

A formatted Excel xlsx file containing the data currently being displayed. Some measures will have additional decimal places. For some visualisations, extra data is also included for context.

A basic csv format, structured to enable easy import into your own BI tools. As with the export to Excel, some measures will have additional decimal places, and extra data is included for some visualisations.

The Refresh icon returns the visualisation to its original state.

The Print icon brings up a standard Print Preview dialogue.

Clicking on View Full Screen expands the visualisation to fill the screen; press Escape to return to normal size.

Hovering over the About icon will reveal a brief description of the visualisation, and sometimes additional hints on getting the best from it.

Using filters

  • Use the clear selection icon at the top of drop-down menus to refresh your selections
  • Total Retail/Grocery filter: to view grocery format sales only, ensure only that square is selected. If no selections are made, the visualisation will display Total Retail

Spotlight mode

Click on individual part of chart or row of table to highlight, click anywhere else to come out of spotlight mode


  • Click on column headers to rank the figures in descending or ascending order
  • Hover over a table to access Expand all or Collapse all selectors where relevant